458 Socom 350g FMJ - 20 Rounds

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  • Caliber: 458 Socom 
  • Bullet Weight: 350 grain
  • Velocity: 1625 FPS
  • Condition: New Starline
  • Count: 20ct
  • Bullet Style: Total Metal Jacket  
  • Condition: NEW               
  • Hand inspected

Finding a quality ammunition and keeping a good stock of it can often be frustrating, expensive, and exhaustive especially when shooting full and semi-automatic firearms. One of the drawbacks of shooting 458 SOCOM over the past few years has been ammo availability, however Centermass Ammo has got you covered! We recognized this need and delivered with our 350g TMJ 458 Socom rifle ammo. The 350 grain total metal jacket bullet is a target bullet that is similar in construction to a full metal jacket except the bullet is fully encased in a copper jacket including the base of the bullet compared to a regular full metal jacket which often has an open base exposing its lead core material.

By having this lead core at the base of the bullet encapsulated in a copper jacket, this bullet minimizes the bullets lead core from the hot and rapidly expanding gases from burning gunpowder. This cuts down on potentially harmful lead exposure when shooting at indoor ranges where potential exposure to adverse levels of lead can be a concern.